Welcome to Capitanio Nurseries where kwowing how to cultivate is like nurturing

In the very heart of Puglia, between Murgia dei Trulli and Salento, an area with a superabundance of majestic and ancient olive trees that are a signature of the Monopoli countryside, within which is sited our nursey company, specializing in the production of outdoor ornamental plants. For almost three decades of activity we have steadily increased both the number of species cultivated and the surface area dedicated to the cultivation: today we produce more than 500 variety of plants in open nursery covering more than 50 hectares, to which is added 10 hectares of greenhouses used for the propagation, acclimatization and cultivation of some sub-tropical plants.

Eco-sustainable production

Shrubs, bushes, ground covers, trees, saplings, creepers and succulents, the company has always managed the entire production cycle, from plant propagation to sales. Our unique range of outdoor ornamental plants, extraordinary for their variety of shape and colour, every plant ready to buy in different sizes and are suited even for the most particular needs.

Commercial areas

Vivai Capitanio Stefano is involved in an important expansion plan in order to increase its international presence, expand and diversify its production skills, consolidate successful strategic partnerships.

75% Italy
25% Europe and Asia

Albania - Azerbaijan - Belgium - Bulgaria - Croatia - Cyprus - Denmark - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Lebanon - Malta - Montenegro - Netherlands - Poland - Portugal - Serbia - Spain - Sultanate of the Oman - Turkey - United Kingdom