For us cultivating means caring, paying attention, be sensitive to the signs of nature, because it is from it that our wealth derives.


hectares of open areas

Every day we cultivate with passion and skill a variety of unique plants in the horticoltural industry: nine different locations (some of them very new) with opened, covered and shaded production areas allow to reach the aim.

A number of extraordinary companies support our production with various forms, sizes and species. Thanks to them we count more:

+ 30% production | +15 ha surface area | +25 employees


hectares of greenhouses

About 10 hectares of greenhouses provide annual rooting for nearly 4 million young plants. In these structures, the most important stages of production are carried out. After rooting, the young plants follow the acclimatization in unheated greenhouses or open areas.



A big staff: a big and amazing family.

"The wealth of a company does not consist of acquired capital but in the people who make it."

Stefano Capitanio

Production standard

All of our production is based on one principle:

always ensure the highest quality level.


The National Association for the Protection of the VivaiFiori brand, created thanks to a project financed by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and implemented by Ismea (Institute of Services for the Agricultural Market), has established a National Flower and Plant Product Certification in order to obtain a single procedure that guarantees the greatest opportunities for all markets available. The Association currently manages the “VivaiFiori” trademark, defines and verifies the procedures for inspections, manages the granting of the trademark to the members, draws up the general Certification Regulation for the use of the brand and the Quality regulation of the production process for the granting and use of the Trademark.

MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt) is an international organization that develops and manages certificates that allows horticultural sector workers to implement sustainability within their companies.