Tecnology and sustainability

Time and energy: a sure investment for innovation.

Satisfying the most particular needs is not enough: our aim is to be always innovative in order to make the ornamental plant sector full of interesting developments.

Cooperation and exchange of informations

Thanks to the refinement of production techniques, our products are appreciated both by garden centers, for aesthetic quality, and landscapers and green builders, for technical performance. Boats, land consolidation, environmental recovery, vertical green, green roofs, rocky, coastal, low water needs. Our plants cater to the most different needs of use.

We use peat substrates, specially studied and prepared in the company, in order to guarantee the best conditions for development and grafting of each individual species from pot 7cm diameter to 60cm.

Tecnologies and sustainability

Sustainable production is possible, especially for those like Vivai Capitanio who have developed a great deal of sensitivity towards environmental issues for several years. In all cultivation areas, in fact, daily checks are carried out on all operations, in order to make them as less impactful as possible. For Vivai Capitanio is important to respect phytosanitary regulations, reduce and differentiate waste, optimize the consumption of electricity and water, limit the consumption of pesticides and fertilizers, and perform new solutions for disease control, mulching and fertilizing plants . Every day, the collaborators of Vivai Capitanio check and regulate all management systems so that eco- efficiency is guaranteed and respected; all this is also possible thanks to training courses that increase and consolidate their environmental awareness.

The company has achieved excellent results: the aim is to persist in this path by launching new crops and innovative system protocols every year in order to guarantee a selection of cutting-edge, safe and certified varieties. In the production areas of the Vivai Capitanio, ornamental garden plants are grown with protocols daily verified with the best technologies for the nursery sector.

Cultivation is extended in areas free from the Xylella bacterium: an important guarantee to safeguard the entire nursery sector, as well as the local economy.